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The Greatness of the Pregnancy Necklace

Congratulations!!! For you, as for the person to whom you are going to give it away! Bringing a life to the world is the best thing that can happen !!! And what better way than to be already protected and wrapped with the love of these wonderful and love-filled beings such as angels?

In this section we will talk about its history, how to clean it, how they work,etc.

Welcome to this magical land full of possibilities and love, where limitations are non-existent, and you will enjoy the company of your brother angels and Archangels thanks to the angelic caller … forever!

In fact, they are designed primarily for you, and that is why they are also known as «baby angel caller.»

In this way you are going to be with the protection , well-being and spiritual orientation that you need thanks to your Guardian Angel, which by the way, we usually have 3: one fixed from birth, and the other two according to the moments and / or stages.

Being designed precisely for a special occasion, although they can be done manually, many jewelry brands have their own line, such as Swaroski, Tous, Engelsrufer, etc. When you are born you will be without clothes, but you will have a lot of style!

But, let us start at the beginning.

Do you know what a pregnancy necklace is?

If your question is to know what angel callers are, they are small balls of silver or precious or semi-precious stones within a pendant sphere that emit subtle and harmonious clinking sounds when they are agitated (being extraordinarily pleasant) and can be of various colors , shapes and designs.

Precisely for this reason they are also known as harmony balls or even as musical balls. Sounds good, right?

The reason of the Angel Callers

Surely you already knew the meaning of the angel callers …but just in case you have forget it, let me remind you, please!

An angel caller, as the name implies, means that he has the ability to «call» the angels. Falsely known as a catcher of angels, their function is nothing more than to attract them. It could be considered an angel seeker.

Is the Harmony Ball for me?

And why not?

You are beatiful. I don’t know if you are a man or a woman, kid or adult,etc but you are beatiful. If you want one, then, get it. This is for you.
And if it’s a present, you are the one who wants to present this.
YOU are the present. YOU are who decises what to get.
So just pick the one you love more, and the one you know you are going to wear every day, and then….show the world your big smile, again.
Smile every day, for whatever you want. It’s fun!!

What angels can do

Just in case, you can not catch angels like bugs. Angels exist in another dimension, and they can help you ONLY if this is something they can do. YOU KNOW there are things they can help, and there are not. So don’t blame them if you don’t get what you want,please! Think about it:
You are working on a laaaarge company. Your work is to help all users. But there are more than 1 billion, only for you, and all requires emergency service. You multiply yourself and helps everyone, but you follow what your boss tells you.
If the boss says «don’t help him like this» or «help her like that», you just do it.

You don’t do it because » its your boss and if not I am not working here anymore». You do it because you wants to do what the boss says, because of respect, love, and understanding the situation. The boss is the boss for some reason. You don’t want to be the boss. There is only one boss, and it’s not me, and I am very glad to help the better I can.

Like me , you understand what I am talking about, so I am not going to explain more here,jeje.

What is the use for a harmony ball ?

The necklace helps you create a bond between you and your mother, baby

That’s exactly right, litle kid!!

By bringing your glorious mother the caller of angels since you were begotten, a bond is created between you two by associating that sound with her.

The bond will exist since you are in the womb, so when you are born it will provide you with additional peace of mind.

There may be times that you will not be able to be with her, but hearing the sound of the bells that you have been hearing for more than 4 months, you will know that although she is not physically there, she is there, just like your winged Brothers.

Apart from the additional peace of mind it can provide, angelic callers will help keep your pure energy during pregnancy, and then continue working on it, as long as your mother gives it to you.

I say as long as, because she can choose: keep it or give it to you.
But what mother does not want her baby to have maximum protection and peace of mind?

At the moment I have not met any that have not done so, do not worry! ????

By the way, the legend or story of the callers of angels is very curious !!

Meet the Legend or History of the angel callers

Do you remember when human beings lived in Paradise, in community with the Archangels and angels of God?

That was a long, long time ago !!! So much that we adults have already forgotten it, but the following information has been maintained from generation to generation:
In the beginning every being lived in harmony, concordance and diseases did not exist.

For a long time everything was perfect, until one day, it was over. It is said that it was due to Original Sin: greed for the knowledge of all things.

Since then, the Angelic Beings and humans have been living in different phases of the same moment. They are here, but we don’t see them (well, some human beings can, and maybe you are one of them! )

Unable to have their presence, the Angels were greatly saddened by this, because they knew that we could no longer achieve previous happiness without much work, effort and dedication, and that we would go through very difficult times.

To help us in these moments and to feel them, they gave us these pendants, to be able to call them when we were in a moment of need or to know that they were with us when the clink was heard.

Have you ever noticed the presence of an angel? It is a warm, harmonious feeling, full of peace, which inspires us courage, confidence and above all a lot of love. Until the time comese, it’s the only thing they can offer us.

Knowing the miracle of life and the peculiarities of births, to protect the mini- angels that would come to the world, they gave it mainly to mothers.

And yes! All newborn is a little angel!

They were handed over to help the baby as well as the mother, because in this way, they both would get the help of Guardian Angels. One in the womb, another carring that life.

The reason why the mother gives the baby said talisman at birth is because the mother already has her own protection and can fend for herself, but the newborn not quite.

In this way the new generation would grow healthier and stronger than the previous one, thanks to the extra protection.

Legend or story, nobody knows for the moment. What is clear is that in the same way that there are several Archangels, there are several colors.

Colors of Mexican Bola(Angel Caller), their Archangels and attributes

Today you can get different colors.

Gold, Purple, Turquoise, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and White are Archangels Colors.

There are more Archangels and colors, but these are the main ones.

That means if we want the protection of a specific Archangel, it is very beneficial that the soundball is of the same color!!

We are not looking for the meaning «of that color», but to take advantage of the power of the Archangel.

We can do this using their colors AND their aromas with essential oils, for example!

  • Blue – Archangel Michael (Faith, be brave, have energy and vitality, give protection and self-esteem).
  • Yellow / Gold – Archangel Jofiel (Wisdom and Joy).
  • Rosa – Archangel Chamuel (Love and tenderness).
  • White – Archangel Gabriel (purity, peace, extra protection during pregnancy).
  • Green / Turquoise – Archangel Rafel (Healing and Truth).
  • Orange / Gold Rubý (red) – Archangel Uriel (Divine provision and prosperity).
  • Purple – Archangel Zadkiel (transmutation and tranquility).

This is how you use your Harmony Ball

It can be used in many ways, but a few would be the following:

Use via Wave: Put it on your hand, near the navel, on your hand, and your hand touching your navel. Caress now with the little finger touching the stomach.
Lifting Use: Put the caller near the belly, and then raise and lower it. The little angel will feel that you are calling him
Use type Smile: Use the caller which pendulum. The caller’s sound will be with the baby.
Use in circles: With the angel caller raised, make circles around the navel, this being the center. This way you will be drawing an energy protective ring.

Different types of harmony pregnancy ball necklaces

Nowadays multiple forms and varieties of the same object have appeared, suitable for all tastes: Smooth or worked, large or small, colored; for children; especially for pregnant women; handmade with snails; with jewelry … etc. although it is commented that the First Caller was totally smooth and made of alpaca!

Cleaning the Angel’s Caller

Like any other energetic talisman, our chime necklace can be cleaned using several methods!

One of the ways is to leave it in the light of the full moon on a white cotton cloth (Very Important!) And leave it there all night to receive a bath of purifying light.

If you do not receive the moonlight or there is still time for the special night, you can wash it with water and fat salt, imagining that the water has a blue and / or white color that takes all the dirt, until all the dirt is taken from the pendant. Then clean and ready.

A third way for just in case you are in the field and there is not enough water, is to bury it in a pot of land to purify it. Be careful that if you decide to bury directly it in the ground you will have to remember where it is !!

The reason why energy cleaning is necessary is very simple: You know that only a single carrier can take it, but today they can give it to us or we can receive it when buying it online, and it goes through many energies that are not ours, acquiring their vibrations. So better clean it!

Help! Somebody has touched my pregnancy necklace!What do I do?

Very easy!!

You just have to opt for one of the previous cleaning rituals and do it !! It is also very convenient that while you are cleaning it or it is in the phase of lunar or earthly purification, ask the Archangels for support to make cleaning more effective.

In fact, Archangel Michael is a specialist in breaking energy chains. Use it on your favor!

And don’t be shy! YOU KNOW sometimes we help people even when we can not. And maybe your ticket for this has to solved extremelly quickly! I don’t know yet!


There is a lot stuff to do with the pregnancy, and all emotions that you, the mother, have or receive, your litle kid knows it too.

We can not avoid life itself, because then we are dead ( the inmortals doesn’t avoid life….they live it every day/night, too!)

We can only try to feel better everyday. And when we are holding a new life with us, the responsability is too big that sometimes we only need a Big Great Hug.
We can receive it, but what about the kid?
Here it comes the Angel Caller, Angel Seeker, Harmony Ball…whatever you want to name it. The name it’s important, but more important is the impact it has.

The child is going to relax hearing the sound of the bell. And when this child is there outside, hearing the sound is going to help her or him to stay more focused, because that sound is «the sound of my mama.She is here».

It’s like when we know who is coming at home only by their footsteps.

It’s the same think.

I hope this information is good for you.
You can look around this website, but you can only buy on Amazon Spain,so you have to change places.

At the moment I only wanted to share with all of non-spanish language this great information I found.

Thank you very much, and let your wings be free!